Lefthanders is a PRIVATE club

We are not giving out nor receiving any new applications for membership.

Upcoming Events

Today is
Tuesday, May 24th

29th - CANCELLED-Cowboy Action Wild Bunch
2nd - 4-H Shotgun 6pm
4th - Family Shoot
4th - IPSC Setup
5th - IPSC
9th - 4-H Shotgun 6pm
11th - WORK DAY
12th - 22 Rimfire Silhouette
12th - Club Meeting 2pm
14th - Sangamon County TRU


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The Random Rule

When a member or guest enters the clubhouse, garage or trap house with a loaded weapon on their person, whether carried openly or concealed, that weapon must not leave the holster in which it is carried. The club will allow no handling of a loaded weapon inside any club building, PERIOD. No open or concealed carry weapon is EVER to be removed from the holster, or unloaded inside for ANY REASON. If you wish to show someone your carry weapon, or remove it from its holster or concealed carry location for any reason, it must be done outside on one of the ranges where it is appropriate to handle loaded weapons using the range safety rules.


This Saturday's work day will be from 8:00am to 12:00pm in order to have no interference with the young hunters course.
Please remember the steel target rule this year.
When in doubt, don't shoot it. Read the rules on the website or contact a board member for clarification. IT'S NOT WORTH BEING EJECTED FROM MEMBERSHIP FOR DOING SO.
Kent Meiers has volunteered to organize the table at the New Berlin Gun Show. Call Kent at 624-4291 if you are interested.
If we experience a sewer back up and we have a sewage spill, that is considered a bio-hazard and anyone not a member of the club will have to leave the grounds.

Plumbing repair is needed in the clubhouse, so we need capable help and volunteers.
It is important to keep aware of your surroundings when shooting. To quote an actual rule: Watch the background of your line of fire. If you see a vehicle, tractor or person over the 200 yard berm, CEASE FIRE IMMEDIATELY.
The Topic is Work Hours
We are a month past the end of another fiscal year for dues and work hours. The mention of the attendance at the first work day of the new year, and what we deal with as the end of each year approaches really angered and frustrated me.

We have members who spend much more than their required 12 hours actually doing work that improves and repairs the club, so this is not directed at them, and they know who they are.

We have members who legitimately cannot contribute to the physical work effort, so this is not directed at them.

The officers are constantly confronted with things members want done, fixed or repaired, and it seems that the same folks, including officers, are expected to pitch in every time.

We have a plethora of members who, due to a lack of planning, are in a rush to get just exactly their 12 hours in at the last minute and no more than 12. For example, at the May New Berlin Gun Show, there was not enough room behind the club table for all the "able-bodied" members who showed up to work.

And if they go over 12 hours, they ask if the "excess" can be carried over? REALLY!!!

We have a lot of members whose only work hours are those submitted for working at shooting events that they themselves participate in. Please explain to me how this benefits or improves the club. Actually don't even try, because you can't. And we have had, for years, members who submit work hours for policing the ranges. While this sounds like good work, and can be, we see a problem with getting credit for picking up brass and then keeping the brass. DO YOU FIND THIS REASONABLE? REALLY!!!

And I know this one is going to get my ass fried, but so be it.........While we cannot emphasize enough the benefit the folks who cook for us provide, I would really prefer they submitted the actual hours worked rather than 6 hours for each event, as they have been instructed. This should not include travel time, as every single person that works at the club must get there somehow.

If it seems like I'm pissed, I am. The way work hours are currently handled, it creates a really stupid and unfair inequity between those who really work to benefit the club and those who work to game the system with the least effort possible. I am giving fair warning that my short term mission is to change for the better the way we allow work hours to be handled, and make it more fair and beneficial for the club. The current lopsided system will continue over my dead body, meaning that if no real change takes place, I am going to avail myself of my life member status in about a year, and dump this job on someone else.

To be fair, if you can't get real work hours in after your first three years of required work, then drop the facade that you are working and just pay for the damn hours. #ACTLIKEADULTS

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